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Today’s scalp is bombarded with pollution, chemicals, rapid temperature and moisture differences from AC rooms, soaps etc making it unhealthy, coating it with residue etc.

This is why I have 2 oils - a scalp prep oil to clean dead skin, residue and prepare the scalp to receive the balancing and growth nutrients from the second oil.

Think about how a farmer prepares their farmland by tilling, levelling etc before planting crops. If the farm is not prepared, it does not matter how good the fertilizer or manure is – the plants cannot absorb it and will not flourish.

An unbalanced unhealthy scalp means that the hair roots are starved of nutrition – either like a clogged pipe nutrition does not reach. Or, like a non-stick pan, nutrition does not get absorbed.

My two oil routine works in this way

  1. Phase 1 : Cleans & preps the scalp so it can absorb the dosha balancing growth oils
  2. Phase 2: The dosha balancing ingredients in the growth oil are absorbed by the scalp, making it dosha balanced and healthy. A balanced scalp unblocks the clogged pipe and transforms the non-stick pan into an absorbent sponge.
  3. Phase 3: The growth nutrients easily reach and can get absorbed by the hair roots. The hair grows well on a healthy foundation of a dosha balanced scalp.


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