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The anticipation of the new year brings a sobering reflection on forthcoming trends, with one prediction sparking concern over heightened busyness. A newspaper article revealed a startling reality: India's consumption of junk food in 2023 surged to an alarming rate of approximately 2.5 biriyanis per second, totaling around 80 million biriyanis. This revelation raises alarm about the consequences of such excessive junk food intake.

India's love for indulgent treats like biriyanis, pizzas, and samosas is undeniable, yet a significant portion of these delights are not homemade. This rampant consumption of unhealthy, processed foods poses a serious health concern.

As an Ayurvedic doctor who recommends balance in everything, I must underscore the adverse effects of excessive junk food consumption. These foods are laden with unhealthy fats, sugars, and artificial additives, elevating the risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic ailments. With such alarming consumption rates, we must brace for a surge in health complications.

Addressing this issue necessitates public education about the perils of excessive junk food intake. Awareness campaigns should stress the importance of a balanced diet comprising fresh, whole foods. Encouraging the availability and affordability of nutritious options can steer individuals towards healthier choices. Government intervention, such as higher taxes on junk food items and stricter labeling requirements, is essential in combatting this problem.


Parents and schools must actively foster healthy eating habits among children. Nutritional education and culinary skills training can instill lifelong habits. Schools should prioritize offering nutritious meals and snacks to students to ensure access to nourishing options.


While addressing this pervasive issue may seem daunting, concerted efforts from individuals, communities, schools, businesses, and government bodies can effect change. By raising awareness, promoting healthier options, and implementing relevant policies, we can diminish junk food consumption and enhance the nation's overall health and well-being. Let us enter the new year with a renewed commitment to prioritize well-being and make conscious choices for a healthier future.

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