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Science of Dosha Balance™

The ideal approach for a healthy life - and wonderful hair.
"My vision is to provide effective, convenient and complete Hair Care - at an affordable monthly cost"
-Dr. Nambi Namboodiri
Chief Physician
Dr. Nambi Namboodiri
Dr. Nambi Namboodiri, MD (Ayur) has been practicing for over 25 years - specifically in the areas of chronic illness, diabetes, joint, skin, hair, children's health among others. He is a renowned speaker - travelling across the world teaching Ayurveda and its core focus on continually balancing doshas for optimum health.

Dr. Nambi's long running "World as Doshas" educational series is a resource that many new and established Ayurvedic practitioners look for knowledge and inspiration.

He has been making dosha balanced hair oils for his patients for a long time - with excellent results. These oils are now being made available to the market so everyone can benefit.
Benefits after about 6 weeks

Users shared the following results


Mentioned that hair-loss was reduced


Experienced better scalp health


Mentioned improved hair quality


Remarked that process was convenient