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Don't starve your hair

The Two Oil Regimen Nourishes Hair

Excessive hairfall means the hair roots are starved of nutrition.

Scalp buildup (due to grime, pollution, shampoo/chemical residue, dandruff, dead cells, unhealthy lifestyle) prevents the nourishment from reaching the roots. 

  • Phase 1. OIL 1 (Scalp Prep Oil) cleans up the scalp which enhances the effectiveness of OIL 2 (Hair Growth Oil). 
  • Phase 2. The Hair Growth Oil contains both active ingredients (to nourish the roots) and dosha balancing ingredients (to make the scalp healthy).

And it takes just 5 min without disturbing your daily routine - just 5 min. A fundamental convenient solution for sustained long term nourishment of the hair.

Science of Dosha Balance™

For your best hair

Watch the following short videos to better understand how imbalances cause issues - and how dosha balancing hair care can address them

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