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Better Hair in Six Weeks

"In authentic Ayurveda, you have to prepare before you treat. My patients have been getting great results with my two-oil, hair-care routine for many years" -Dr. Nambi

Oil 1: Prepare
Scalp Prep Oil

Scalp buildup (from pollution, hard water, grime, dandruff, shampoo/chemical residue etc) prevents nutrition from reaching hair roots.

Scalp Prep Oil cleans out this buildup, so Oil 2 (Hair Growth Oil) can nourish.

Oil 2: Nourish
Hair Growth Oil

Contains powerful Ayurvedic hair growth ingredients (Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla etc.) PLUS dosha balancing ingredients that make the scalp & hair roots healthy.

Healthy roots mean that hair growth nutrients are actually absorbed - no more starvation!

Basic Starter Kit - Two Oils Basic Starter Kit - Two Oils
Quickshop Reduce hair loss and improve hair health in six weeks. The Two-Oils...
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Basic Starter Kit - Two Oils
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Benefits after about 6 weeks

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Help me choose

What is best for my hair?

Our Two-Oil Regimen is ideal for sustained nourishment of the hair. Maybe you only need these two oils.
Maybe you also could use the shampoo. And maybe you really don't need the elixir.
Answer two simple questions and we will recommend the ideal products for your hair-care needs and your lifestyle.
Top FAQs


It barely takes 5 minutes to apply and won't disturb your daily routine. The process is the same for both the oils. You apply the oils 3 times per week. Warm slightly and apply directly to scalp - and massage with your fingers for about 2 minutes.

You can then go about your regular chores - and wash off after about 45 minutes (or a muhurta)

To Cleanse & Prepare we have Sweta Kutaja, Dattura, Tulasi, plus Amlaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki to provide gentle dosha balancing.

To Dosha Balance/Rebalance your scalp (i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha) and improve health of hair roots, the following dosha balancing herbs are used: Sariba, Manjishta, Vacha, Yasti, Aswagandha & Satavari

For Hair Growth & Nutrition we have powerful herbs such as Bhringaraj, Amla, Brahmi, Maricha, Kaidarya, Devadaru.

We use premium quality, cold-pressed coconut oil for the two oils.

Shampooing normally strips essential oils and unbalances the scalp. Our Gentle Natural Shampoo is mild and designed to lessen such imbalances. Plus the Hair Nourishing Elixir can quickly rebalance the scalp and provide all day nourishment.

However, if you don't shampoo regularly, you do not need the shampoo or elixir - the two oils are enough. You can use this guide with 2 simple questions to help decide which kit is best for you.