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A lot of parents are worried that their baby is either overweight or underweight. They get a lot of social pressure especially considering that everyone has an opinion about your baby. Your baby may be on the heavier or thinner side depending on its nature or prakriti, in accordance with the levels of the three doshas present in it.


If the baby is eating well, sleeping well and hitting all the milestones according to their age. This is what matters the most. Do not overfeed your baby if you feel it is underweight because growing up the baby might get used to eating more than necessary and end up overweight and unhealthy. 


Similarly if you underfeed the baby by worrying that it is overweight, you might risk poor nutrition and again end up with an unhealthy baby. It is always important to take into consideration the prakriti of the baby in accordance with its doshas.

Dr. Nambi's Insights