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A Simple Process

The Two-Oil Regimen

You need just 5 min without disturbing your daily routine, to apply the oils. Watch the demo here!

During the initial six-week phase, we recommend that you apply the oils 3 times a week.

For the first week use only the Scalp Prep Oil (3 times). Apply few times more if dandruff is heavy. Then once the scalp is clean, switch to the Hair Growth Oil. Once in a while use the Scalp Prep Oil to maintain and keep the scalp clean. At a time you use only one of the oils.

After that initial phase, once your scalp becomes healthy, you may cut down the frequency to twice a week. Just like you do for a diet regimen. Initially a strict diet to reduce your weight, then a less strict diet to maintain the weight.

Help me choose

What is best for my hair?

Our Two-Oil Regimen is ideal for sustained nourishment of the hair. Maybe you only need these two oils.
Maybe you also could use the shampoo. And maybe you really don't need the elixir.
Answer two simple questions and we will recommend the ideal products for your hair-care needs and your lifestyle.