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Dosha Balancing Hair Care System

The Dosha Balancing Hair Care system includes time-tested Ayurvedic hair growth ingredients – but the real magic comes from the inclusion of specific herbs that help balance the doshas on the scalp. A dosha balanced scalp enables the growth and nutritional ingredients to reach and be absorbed by hair follicles – resulting in healthy scalp, improved hair growth, and volume.

As you continue to use the products, you would start to see improvements to your scalp and hair health. While this would vary according to your current state, the consistency of using the products, the following is a summary of what to expect in the coming six weeks:

• With consistent 3x per week usage, you should start to see early signs of improved hair, scalp health, and reduced hair loss by the end of six weeks.

• You will start to see improved texture – and reduction of dryness in the hair.

• For people with dandruff, you should start to see improvement from the scalp prep oil. Continue to occasionally use this to maintain the benefits.

    Survey results

    Here are the results of surveys we did with current users of the product. We have had nearly 400 people use the product and received around 80 responses to multiple surveys about their experience - throughout a six week period:

    • 80% reported that hair fall has reduced and 48% said reduced a lot.
    • 90% reported that scalp health has improved and 65% said improved a lot.
    • 85% reported that hair quality has improved and 50% said improved a lot.
    • 92% reported that the process (3x weekly and 45 minutes) was convenient and 50% said very convenient.
    • 26% even reported seeing new hair shoots growing - this is very good to hear! For most people new hair starts to show from 3-5 months.

        With regular use over 3 to 5 months, you would begin to notice improved volume, strengthening of weak/dormant follicles, and better hair growth.

        For any questions or concerns, do visit the comprehensive FAQ page, ask your questions in the Facebook Group, join the live Q&A session.

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