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The root cause of poor hair health, such as excessive hair loss, is due to imbalances in your scalp and body. In Ayurveda, these are called dosha imbalances.

Dosha imbalances block and prevent nutrients being absorbed by the hair follicles - causing weak hair that is prone to falling, breaking, dryness etc. This is why treatments that just add a bunch of hair growth herbs do not often work - unless this root cause of dosha imbalance is also addressed.

My patients have been using my custom dosha balancing hair care approach for a while with excellent results – and I am now making them available for everyone. My oils include time-tested Ayurvedic hair growth ingredients – but the real magic comes from the inclusion of  specific herbs that help balance the doshas on the scalp. A dosha balanced scalp enables the growth and nutritional ingredients to reach and be absorbed by hair follicles – resulting in healthy scalp, improved  hair growth and volume.

The foundational, core philosophy of Ayurveda has always been about dosha balance - not just about herbal mixtures or active ingredients. Modern medicine is finally adopting this idea of balance and they call it homeostasis.

My vision is to provide effective, easy to use and complete Ayurvedic hair care – at less Rs 500 per month. Through my dosha balancing approach, your weak and dormant hair follicles can finally get the nutrition they need to grow to their highest potential.

I look forward to guiding your journey towards your best possible hair!

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