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A clean scalp is important for the Hair Growth Oil to work well. Therefore, start first with the Scalp Prep Oil and use it 3 times in the first week, before moving to the Hair Growth Oil. If dandruff persists, use it a few more times before starting the Hair Growth Oil.

To maintain scalp health, use Scalp Prep Oil once after every 6 to 8 uses of the Hair Growth Oil.

Hair Growth Oil

Start the Hair Growth Oil after using the Scalp Prep Oil as described above. Use it 3 times per week.

Application of above Oils

Ayurveda works best when it is a normal part of your dinacharya or daily routine. Apply the oils 3 times per week. It only takes 5 minutes to apply – very simple & convenient!

Gently warm 5 to 10 ml of oil (Scalp Prep/Hair Growth) and apply little by little onto the scalp using your fingers. Then massage the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes. Feel free to spread the oil on your hair (you can use a comb).

After that, carry on with regular daily chores. Avoid strenuous exercise that leads to excessive sweating. Leave it for a muhurta (about 45 minutes) & wash hair.

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