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Finishing Kit Refill - Shampoo + Elixir

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This kit includes the gentle shampoo and rebalancing elixir. Ensures your scalp remains healthy in balance, and your hair is nourished, frizz-free!

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Wash your hair with one of the most natural cleansers available and then rebalance the doshas on your scalp with the hair elixir.

-Natural Shampoo 200ml
-Hair Elixir 30ml

Dosha imbalance means that hair roots are starved. In addition, scalp build up from pollution, grime, dandruff, shampoo/chemical reside etc prevents the nourishment from reaching the roots.

  1. The Scalp Prep Oil cleans the scalp, greatly improving the effectiveness of the Hair Growth Oil. Use it first: 3-4 times before shifting to the Hair Growth Oil.
  2. The Hair Growth Oil contains both dosha balancing ingredients (to make the scalp healthy) and growth ingredients (to deep nourish the roots).

This two-oil routine is ideal for sustained nourishment of your hair. Your package contains instructions on how to use both.

The main cause of excessive hair fall (called Khalitya in Ayurveda) is unbalanced doshas - which causes hair to starve of nutrition. This combination of two oils work together to restore this dosha balance.

The Scalp Prep Oil restores a healthy scalp so that the nutrients from the Hair Growth Oil are able to deep nourish the hair roots and follicles.

Within 4-6 weeks of using 3x per week, as doshas slowly start to get balanced, you would begin to see healthier scalp, better hair quality and reduction in excessive hair fall.

With consistent use over a few months, you would begin to see weaker and dormant hair follicles being revived for stronger, healthier and more voluminous hair.

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  • Two-Oils: Use 3x a week, massage into scalp and leave it for a muhurta (approx 45 minutes) before washing it off.
  • Natural Shampoo: Use a small portion and lather into your hair. Rinse and repeat if needed.
  • Hair Elixir: Use a few drops on scalp and massage with fingers. Smooth through hair and style as normal.
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Customer Reviews

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Great cleanser

I have a little hairfall and it dries out my hair strands which I didn't like but it foams which better than as i expected. But it doesn't easily wash off the oil frm hair and the I have put use twice

R P.
Keeps hair conditioned

Good product. It keeps the hair conditioned and manageable without making it oily and without the need for any store bought synthetic conditioner

its got a nice smell and is light.

Cannot identify as such what the elixir does by itself but the whole package as such has softened my hair and my hair looks beautiful and thick.

Ajit R.S.

Hair Growth Oil


What's the ideal hair care for me?

Our Two-Oil Regimen is ideal for sustained nourishment of the hair. Maybe you only need these two oils.
Maybe you also could use the shampoo. And maybe you really don't need the elixir.
Answer two simple questions and we will recommend the ideal products for your hair-care needs and your lifestyle.


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